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Plant Manager

Branford, FL
Plans, coordinates and supervises the production operations, hazardous waste fuel program (where applicable), maintenance activities, quality and safety programs, and other related functions involved in plant operations. Incorporates directives provided by corporate management into plant policies and procedures to maintain appropriate standards and schedules.  Uses independent judgment in making routine plant decisions.  Works from general policies and procedures.  Refers to supervisor when clarification or interpretation of organizational policy is needed.  Exercises direct or indirect supervision over all plant employees, some of which occupy lower-level management positions.  The number of employees typically ranges between 90-135 employees.
Bachelor's Degree Preferred disciplines, engineering, chemistry, or natural sciences. Business degree is acceptable.
10 years of experience in a cement or lime manufacturing facility with specific exposure to plant management responsibilities.  Type of experience - cement or lime - depends on the specific type of plant with the position under consideration.
  • Professional Engineer (PE) Preferred
  • Proficient in English written and verbal communication skills
  • Develops and delivers effective presentations
  • Demonstrated problem-solving skills
  • Demonstrates excellent judgment and decision-making skills
  • Effectively coaches and delivers constructive feedback
  • Ability to inspire and develop staff
  • Effective negotiation skills in business and construction contracts.
  • Effective use of computers for general word processing, spreadsheets, presentations, e-mail, internet and customized company programs.  Able to use technology to develop a continuous improvement plan for the plant.
  • Able to communicate the companies vision into actionable goals and contributions for plant personnel.
  • Excellent ability to network with industry professionals, consultants, vendors, suppliers, regulatory and the community.
  • Familiar with MSHA/OSHA regulations, safe work practices, hazard recognition, regulation of air, water and waste, and general business and law contracts.
  • Fundamental understanding of cement chemistry,  physical testing and concrete performance.
  • Familiar with the following types of system: computerized maintenance management, data acquisition, compliance management, data management, High Level control, and PLC control for the purpose of cement manufacturing (crushing, grinding, pyroprocessing, chemistry).
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