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Site Manager

Colorado Springs, CO
Civil Engineering Background
Ability to coach, mentor, develop - build up employee skills
Collaborative Team Member

Manages and coordinates activities of the employees and/or operations or functions of the business.  Observes and analyzes systems and processes, the variations in those systems or processes, and decides how to achieve desired level efficiency and quality in the product or service of the employees.  Assesses existing skills and talents of employees, provides guidance on how best to use the resources, and develops the employees for future improvement to the operations.  Assigns tasks to the team members, including shift assignments, tasks needing to be accomplished, and setting priorities, objectives, and goals.  Establishes budget for employees and or operations. Inspects and examines the process, products or services on a periodic basis to assure the employees and operation are performing.   Adjusts the process as necessary to maintain productivity.  Decides on hiring, firing, and transferring employees to other assignments.  Conveys any and all pertinent information in a timely and responsible manner to the immediate supervisor or management.  Responsible for employees’ and/or operations’ or functions’ budget and performance.  Recommends necessary and desired changes, modifications, and process adjustments to the immediate supervisor and management for future profitability improvements. Provides other team members with training and development opportunities and prepares them for future advancements. 
Secondary Job Function - Provides other Supervisory and Managerial personnel any support necessary to complete their tasks. Performs any tasks assigned by the Supervisor as requested.
Required Knowledge, Skills, and Abilities - Ability to carry out and create simple to complex oral and written instructions and deal with simple to complex problems from standardized and/or unfamiliar situations.   Ability to perform a variety of mathematical skills, computations, computer programs.  Ability to read and write Basic English language sufficiently to be able to read information contained in manuals, regulations, and reports, to complete various paperwork, and to analyze data.   Ability to provide leadership, manage employees, handle difficult and challenging situations, manage a budget, and relate to people in various situations.  Ability to anticipate, detect, and correct safety hazards and equipment malfunctions, and to respond accordingly. 
Cement Recruiter operated by Harpe & Associates, Inc., are high performing Recruiters with over ninety years domestic and international experience in all facets of talent acquisition, recruiting and succession planning for heavy industrial manufacturing sectors of cement, lime, aggregates, minerals, metals, large project construction, pulp/paper, food, animal feed, automation, control systems enigneering, and equipment fabrication.  How can we help you today?

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