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Automation Engineer

Pueblo, CO

Supports the Maintenance Manager to maintain the engineering systems for the automation of the plant and assure continuous operation. Supports operations teams during normal plant operations and troubleshooting processes. Analysis of electronic and automation equipment using Continuous Improvement (CI) and HighPerformance (HP) methodology to detect potential areas of improvement, select the adequate instruments equipment and controls for the application and implementation of solutions. Review, change when necessary equipment start sequences, and interlocking while maintaining 5S KPIs.


  • BS Degree Electronics or Electrical Engineering
  • Cement pyro processing experience
  • Automation, high performance methodology, Continuous Improvement, 5S methodology experience

Technical Skills:
Basic electricity – Fundamental knowledge of electricity, Ohms Law and the Power Triangle, understands AC and DC circuit principles, knows proper use of digital multimeters/clamp-on amp meters, knowledge of transformers, capacitors, rectifiers, thyristors and properties of conductors, understands oscilloscope basics.

Software - A working knowledge of the following software programs and packages; Excel, AutoCAD,Rockwell Automation PLC and communication programs and FLSmith Human Machine Software. PLCs –Knowledge of PLC principles, hardware components, installation and replacement.

CommunicationNetworks – Knowledge of network fundamentals and communication equipment basics. Electrical VariableFrequency Drives – inspect/test VFD for preventative maintenance, troubleshoot power semiconductors and able to program/adjust VFD parameters.

Gas Analyzer System – Understands basic principles, oversees the regular maintenance on analyzers and troubleshoot analyzers/gas sample systems.

Weigh Feeders – Troubleshoot/repair weigh feeder/totalizer systems and able to perform initial feeder setup


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