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Maintenance Engineer

Maryneal, TX
Collaborate and participate in Operations and Maintenance jobs, developing and executing Preventive, Predictive and Corrective Maintenance activity programs, and providing technical support to Maintenance and Operations Functions in Continuous Improvement Activities. 

Develop and support technologies for vibration, lubrication,
thermography, RCM and all other activities required by Plant or Corporate Managers.

  • To perform Preventive, Predictive Maintenance plans for equipment that is required from their start-up and throughout their life cycle, specifying and updating frequency for each maintenance task, based on a normal operation and on the objectives of the Maintenance function.
  • To suggest specific activities for inspection, lubrication, cleaning and changing of parts to the equipment, based on recommendations from the manufacturer, the supplier and from experience of the personnel in the Plant, in order to timely detect and/or to avoid equipment deterioration or shut downs. 
  • To direct work required for investigating costs of performances that seem to be out-of-line and recommend corrective actions.
  • To assure that all Maintenance and Operating tasks in the Plant are scheduled and planned as specified, following up the quality of jobs.
  • To promote ongoing improvement in equipment and administrative procedures.  Work together with the supervisors to promote ongoing improvement, visualizing the opportunities of investigation to improve machines with respect to Availability and Reliability.
  • To support and to promote technical development of personnel of the maintenance department.
  • To collect and to analyze Maintenance history of the equipment and investigate repetitive damages, in order to evaluate effectiveness of Preventive – Predictive Maintenance and Operating Procedures. Inform Managers about design problems or incorrect selection of equipment.
  • To perform analysis for root–cause and should be elaborated together with other departments in the plant. 
  • To contact manufacturers of original equipment whenever it is necessary to resolve operating and Reliability problems.
  • To collaborate with Maintenance Manager for the specification of new equipment, assuring Reliability of Operation and the lowest of life cycle.
  • To work with Maintenance Manager and Maintenance team to perform modifications on existing equipment in the facilities in order to enhance performance for Reliability, and to determine the best cost/benefit relationship.
  • To control design and specifications of new parts or components that will be manufactured by the maintenance workshop or by an external contractor.
  • To plan with the planner Major Shutdown Work Requests with a high degree of specialization, regarding instructions, human resources estimates, materials, special tools and estimated duration of the job. 
  • To advise the Maintenance Manager about technical problems found in equipment manufacturing, tests, facilities and manufacturing of modified parts and components.

  • BS in Mechanical or Electrical Engineering
  • 3-5 years’ experience in heavy industry – cement industry preferred
  • Able to walk, stand, stoop, bend, etc. required to work in industrial environment
  • Microsoft Office Suite capable – especially Excel, PowerPoint, and Projects
  • Ability to manager projects

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