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Maintenance Superintendent

Foreman, AR
Coordinates and supervises maintenance repair and preventive maintenance activities for the plant including all mobile and stationary equipment and machinery.

Coordinates and provides supervision for engineering services pertaining to maintenance improvements and capital projects; uses independent judgment in analyzing unusual problems and situations.

Works from general policies and objectives established by plant management. Refers to the maintenance manager for clarification or interpretation of organization policy.

Exercises supervision over maintenance department employees, some of whom occupy lower- and mid-level plant management positions. The number of employees supervised ranges from 20-40 employees.

  • Establishes, communicates, and assigns job responsibilities, goals, and performance standards for employees within the Maintenance Department.
  • Evaluates performance and recommend merit increases and promotions.
  • Affects job performance through motivation, establishing goals, and providing feedback.
  • Collaborates and coordinates with other department superintendents and managers regarding maintenance projects and priorities. Reports progress of maintenance projects.
  • Coordinates with plant management on priorities and schedules for plant projects not necessarily directly related to plant equipment operation. 
  • Reviews, plans, schedules, and supervises maintenance repair and preventive maintenance activities for the plant.
  • Investigates and resolves unusual problems or difficulties in maintenance projects.  Recommends equipment modifications to plant management.
  • Obtains, coordinates, and supervises the work of contractors as required for specified repairs.
  • Meets with vendors regarding new maintenance equipment and other supplies needed for executing maintenance responsibilities and projects.
  • Specifies engineering data and solicits competitive pricing on the purchase of major equipment and parts. 
  • Coordinates with storeroom personnel concerning the number of supplies and parts needed for maintenance activities.
  • Compiles records and data regarding maintenance projects and prepares reports for management. 
  • Ensures that maintenance personnel comply with plant and MSHA safety rules and regulations. 
  • Participates in and/or conducts safety meetings & training sessions, ensures the meetings are held regularly. 
  • Assists in developing the annual budget and implementing the approved budget. 
  • Ensures proper training is conducted for new department employees and existing employees as needed.
7 or more years of experience in maintenance with supervisory responsibilities in a similar position in a related heavy industry preferred.

Extensive knowledge of all equipment and machinery used in the plant and how each of the functions.
Knowledge of MSHA safety regulations.
  • Extensive knowledge of maintenance techniques and repair procedures on general types of industrial equipment such as pumps, compressors, electric motors, fans, conveyor belts, and air conditioning equipment. Knowledge of maintenance techniques and repair procedures for equipment specific to the production of cement such as kilns, ball mills, air separators, and Fuller-Kinyon pumps. Knowledge of procedures for welding operations, tool and die manufacture, machine shop operations, millwright work, steel fabrication, and pipe fitting.
  • Demonstrates excellent judgment and decision-making skills.
  • Excellent organizational skills 
  • Proficient in English written and verbal communication skills 
  • Demonstrated problem-solving skills 
  • Ability to lead/manage others
Bachelor's Degree in mechanical, electrical, or related area of engineering preferred or equivalent combination of education and experience required. 

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