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QC Supervisor

Sumterville, FL
Job Summary
Provides daily guidance to lab personnel in direct support of their duties and responsibilities. Performs analysis on cement and other materials utilized or created during the cement manufacturing process. Exposure to confidential information may have a competitive or patentable value to the company or its customers. Uses independent judgment in performing daily activities. Exposed to toxic and corrosive chemicals on a daily basis. Performs responsibilities independently with supervisory input from the Manager. Exercises direct supervision over all laboratory personnel at the plant.
Essential Functions
  • Performs regular and special chemical analysis on samples of any or all of the following: cement, clinker, coal, kiln dust, and other raw materials for process control
  • Reviews results of chemical and physical tests performed and take necessary actions to adjust quality so as to meet established standards
  • Supervises and evaluates the job performance of laboratory personnel including disciplinary action as needed
  • Establishes, communicates, and assigns job responsibilities for plant laboratory employees
  • Provides constant feedback on the production process to ensure desired product characteristics
  • Conducts regular inspections of plant operations to determine probable causes of product quality fluctuations or to detect unusual conditions
  • Formulates mixed calculations or performs special computations for laboratory control measures
  • Makes chemical solutions for use in chemical analysis
  • Retains and updates laboratory research data and documentation on the lab computer
  • Prepares reports, graphs, and charts as requested by plant management
  • Prepares and sends samples as required for compliance with wastewater treatment regulatory guidelines
  • Performs various tests on similar samples at the plant
  • Orders supplies needed for laboratory activities
  • May check in chem-fuel loads if assigned by local plant management
  • Develops and maintains XRF and other instrument calibrations with guidance from the Manager
  • Attends RCRA training for waste-derived fuel activities
  • Performs tasks related to job duties associated with waste-derived fuel activities as required
  • Assigns and evaluates the work of all lab technicians with support from the Manager
  • Prepares first-aid reports, orders supplies needed for first-aid, and ensures compliance with safety standards
  • Remains available on a 24-hour basis to provide assistance on lab and processing problems
Bachelor's Degree in Chemistry or Chemical Engineering
1 year of experience in a manufacturing lab environment
Required Skills
  • Proficient in English written and verbal communication skills
  • Strong verbal communication and listening skills
  • Demonstrates a high commitment to quality
  • Knowledge of theories, procedures, and guidelines pertaining to the fields of chemistry, physics, and mathematics
  • Familiarity with instrumentation analysis and wet chemical analysis
  • Ability to use a computer to store data and generate reports

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