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Quality Control Manager

Atlanta, GA
Desired Applicant:
Fabrication Shop (Welding and Fabrication); QC Inspector; Shop QC Coordinator 
  • Min. 5 years’ experience in a heavy fabrication shop, or as a quality control manager, or inspector in the machinery & plant manufacturing industry,
Purpose of the Job
The Quality Assurance Manager ensures that equipment and products meet certain thresholds of acceptability before these are shipped to our customers. The Quality Assurance Manager plans, directs or coordinates quality assurance programs and formulates and enforces quality control policies. The Quality Assurance Manager also strives to improve an organization's efficiency and profitability by reducing inefficiencies and errors.
The Quality Assurance Manager stays abreast of internal, external and international rules and regulations pertaining to manufacturing, selling and shipping goods. The Quality Assurance Manager prepares and updates quality documentation, basing their processes on a recognized standard such as ISO 9000 – Quality Management, published by the International Organization for Standardization. Industry and company specific manuals and protocols also apply.
The Quality Assurance Manager supervises teams of inspectors who carry out the detailed assessment of products and their components at different stages of manufacturing. Our manufacturers are located all over the world and traveling to international workshops for auditing and quality inspections are a large part of the job as the Quality Assurance Manager.
Organization Reporting
  • Direct Line Manager: Vice President, Finance & Commercial
  • Direct Reports: Quality Assistant and Independent Quality Inspectors
Responsibilities and Job Duties
  • Devise procedures to inspect and report quality issues
  • Travel to international workshops for auditing and inspections
  • Monitor all operations that affect quality
  • Work with the engineering department and project teams to produce project specific inspection and test plans
  • Supervise and guide inspectors, technicians and other staff
  • Assure the reliability and consistency of production by checking processes and final output
  • Appraise customers’ requirements and make sure they are satisfied
  • Report all inspection failures to project managers and engineers to ensure immediate action
  • Facilitate proactive solutions by collecting and analyzing quality data
  • Review current standards and policies
  • Keep records of quality reports, statistical reviews and relevant documentation
  • Ensure all legal standards are met
  • Communicate with external quality assurance officers during on-site inspections
  • ISO Compliance
Qualifications and Skills
  • BS degree in mechanical engineering and/or business administration required,
  • Computer experience in Microsoft Office products including Word and Excel required,
  • Excellent organization and coordination skills
  • Ability to read mechanical drawings
  • Knowledge of SAP/R3 beneficial,
  • Good communication skills including written reports
  • Positive work attitude, team player
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