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Mine Manager UG

Springfield, MO
Degreed Mining Engineer
Supervision / Management experience   
MSHA Safety for Underground Mine

Plan and execute assignments in the mine extraction process from initial scaling operation to the primary crusher.
  1. Monitor and evaluate all processes in mine the production cycle.
  2. Ensure mine grid adherence through continuous surveying, drilling mark up, and elevation indication.
  3. Communicate equipment failures to maintenance department through all means of effective communications.
  4. Assist Aggregate and Fine Grind operations managers with all quality control.
  5. Delegate assignments and responsibilities to miners and hold accountability.
  6. Maintain adequate supply of quality blasted stone for production and communicate production issues with other management.
  7. Monitor and track production efficiencies through various reports.
  8. Regulate employee hours and reduce overtime to a minimum.
  9. Improve efficiencies in the mining process
  10. Establish long term mining goals and implement them into the current processes.
  11. Assist in planning and presenting options for mine infrastructure as the mine advances

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